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BPO is the alternative for business process outsourcing, which happens when a company outsources business processes to a third party that means an external company. The initial target is to minimize cost, time consumption and concentrate on the main aspect of the business.

To expand your business overseas you must need a dependable and efficient outsourcing partner to overcome all the battles in the path of your growth journey.

Advantage of Business Process Outsourcing

Abundant advantage you will find in BPO. One of the major advantages is- it saves your cost. Doing a specific job function inwardly costs a certain amount. But BPO can reduce the cost by completing the task by an external party. Often in a less cost intensive country like Bangladesh, can minimize the almost cost of doing that job function.

 It will save the cost of:

__When you will choose the BPO service?

It’s a big asking question that in what situation you will take the decision to choose BPO service.

You can keep the following things in your consideration for this issue:

Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is known for being one of the competitive labor providers in the world with the highest level of quality product delivery. From the last 10 years Bangladesh bring and striking growth in the BPO industry.

According to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) the annual revenue is expected to exceed $ 1 billion in 2018, with an aim to reach $ 5 billion by 2022 and for the upcoming years the target obviously will increase more than our expectation as this sector has shown a revolutionary growth from the last few years.

Bangladesh has proudly gained outsourcing contracts from overseas companies and are providing quality assurance services.

Not only that, we are also proud to say, we are reputed world wide for garments products manufacturing, IT outsourcing, manpower exporting, tourism and so on.

To capture the worldwide BPO industry Bangladesh has the following advantages :

It is equally effective whether you are considering the cost savings and economic efficiencies of BPO (business process outsourcing). In fact, it would not be unusual for you to discover that about 50% percent or more may reduce your costs.

Invest now and get the benefits of working with us and feel the difference.

Choose us because

We focus on your three most important items for worldwide expansion-

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality assurance

We embed intelligence, innovation and experience all together with new IT and expertness to lead your business value and growth.

  • Just time?
  • Just money?
  • No, we do more than that.

For choosing Business Process Outsourcing the most common part that drives our mind is we only focus on saving our time and money, but we usually overlook some other unavoidable benefit from Business Process Outsourcing service to reach your destination.


__Race IT solution BD Provides
We provide 
….under one shade
It will save your cost of:

Let’s find out the benefits that will provide our Race IT solution to expand your business:

We will be providing our high level of accuracy, timely deliveries and confidentiality. We understand that data has to be highly accurate since it will be used to make decisions that have a long-term effect on the business. For this reason we ensure that any data/content we enter/process on behalf of the client meets the highest accuracy standards. We do checking every data entered several times to ensure that there are no errors in it.

Our BPO Services

Let’s find out the service that will provide our Race IT solution BD to expand your business:

Our experiences and expertise: We have experience since 2008; we are one of the expert team in Bangladesh.
Agreement: If you have this type of work throughout the year then you can be our partner without any fund investment; just we need a valid agreement of your work order for a certain period.
Our Implementation Manager will work with you and your team to learn your particular operations, processes and requirements. Using your company's New Employee Manual, we will develop a profile tailored to your company's needs. Don't have one? Don't worry; we will work closely with you to create specific criteria that are aligned with your current procedures.
Together, we will outline and develop a Project Plan with metrics-based scorecards. This means that we will have clearly defined goals and targets. Being engineers at heart, we believe that you can't manage what you can't measure. You will be able to measure your success in both the short term and long term. Implementation will on your schedule. It is our goal to deliver quality work in a timely manner. We are at your disposal.
Our team operates as an extension of your business. It's our job to find and train the right people who can best suit your company's needs. It's our responsibility to make sure that we are compliant with your company's procedures, systems, paperwork, reporting, etc. Employees will be monitored with Key Performance Indicators.
During and after employee training, we will closely monitor production and be available to help with trouble-shooting. We strive to anticipate any issues that may arise. Our first focus will be quality; then quantity. We realize that work done well is far superior than work simply done. Next, the focus will turn to streamlining the process, increasing productivity and value. We want to be your Strategic Partner, doing our part to make your business succeed. We will communicate clearly, openly, and frequently with you.
We will work with you to deliver status updates, reporting, continuous improvement suggestions, issues, and opportunities. Using metrics-based scorecards, we will both be able to clearly see how we are meeting your goals, and will be flexible should your goals change. Over time, leadership team will also recommend ways to further improve the process for increased quality and productivity.

Reach Us If You Have Any Quire?

We do believe that outsourcing data entry/processingof key documents will not be an easy decision to make and you as a customer will be having a lot of concerns and questions regarding the outsourcing services. We appreciate your willingness to reach us in case of any query regarding your requirements for data entry and processing services.


Hire us for your BPO Service Provider:

Using the Race IT Solution BD platform lowers your Total Cost of Ownership with a higher level of productivity, the flexibility and efficiency of crowdsourcing, and the ability to mirror business needs on-demand on a daily basis. The Race IT Solution BD platform is inherently more efficient, and that translates into significant cost savings for you. In fact, in most cases Race IT Solution BD saves clients 25% over traditional customer service solutions.

We encourage our client to pay us by Pay per Unit Pricing: Start from as low as 0.01

In this pricing model, we will offer you a unit-based set rate and you will have to pay for the service, depending on the amount of your usage. It’s a fair pricing model and you will pay for what we have agreed for.

However, we are very flexible to set our price for the BPO service on the basis of the type of projects.

Start from as low as

$0.01 USD

per unit
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