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Testing & Quality Assurance

As digital grows and mobile-first development becomes the norm, continuous testing is crucial to assure quality customer experiences. More channels, more screens and more sophisticated experiences require ongoing development for web and mobile, creating the imperative of testing quality at speed.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We provide QA Service:

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end QA tools and testing services that can support different development methodologies, web accessibility requirements, while also accommodating internal client processes and existing tools. Intrinsic to our experience of doing QA for websites and apps, we have established QA processes and highly experienced testers. We offer robust support for all devices and multiple testing types – functional and non-funtional.

We have extensive experience in QA across all channels and desktop sites through doing QA for our client mobile sites and apps. Uniquely, for every multichannel experience we’ve tested, we’ve also tested the source, whether that is website or web service.

QA Capabilities:

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